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2000 yen Taxi

A special pack tour for foreign travelers to make the best memories of Japan.


In Tottori-city, we're providing foreigners or tourists groups including foreigners with a taxi tourism plan called " 2000 yen taxi " .

How to join it : 
Go to Tottori Station and visit <<International tourists Support Center>> , and just demand for 2000 yen taxi !

You will be able to enjoy the 3 hour taxi tourism ( ^^ ) /

If you don't know where to visit, please don't worry. Drivers with the qualification of Tourism Meister will suggest you the tourism plan.


Let us make a marvelous and enhanced Tottori-travel experience!]


Any questions?

<<Tottori City International Tourist Support Center>> will help at your service!! ;

Adress : 111-1 Higashihonji-cho, Tottori City, 680-0845 Japan

 Access : About 70m walk from North Gate of JR Tottori Station to the east, in front of the Fumon Square(風紋広場).
Tel : 0857-22-7935
E-mail :


Click here to go the website.


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